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(Updated 7/1/2008) InfoWeb.net is 100% advertising supported. Ad income fuels all aspects of the site, oncluding but not limited to operating costs, salaries and consulting fees, etc. Our research indicates that our visitors, our customers, view advertising content as equal to or a part of the site content. As a result, InfoWeb.net has initiated a project to improve advertising content, and place greater controls, where possible, on ad content to increase the overall quality of the site.

InfoWeb.net has a long-standing Privacy Policy. Please visit the Privacy page by clicking here.

Current Site Policies

Currently, the following third parties provide at least 95% of what you see on our site:

  • Google AdWords
  • AdBrite Network Advertising
  • Third party (mixed) meta search results
  • Google Custom Search Results (when specifically requested)†

†When Google Custom Search results are displayed, Google-provided (and controlled) ads may be displayed along with results. These are usually, but may not always, be visually differentiated from search results. Google Custom Search results are displayed when requested to provide an alternative to search results displayed by InfoWeb.net, or to provide search results when none are available from InfoWeb.net.

Editorial Control, Censorship, and Related Issues

At the present time, InfoWeb.net does not control the content of the site except in the following ways:

  • Editorial content we generate is subject to our internal editorial policies
  • Full page ads from AdBrite are reviewed by us for approval before display†

In the future, we will control more content in an effort to improve the quality of the site. One of the obstacles to this effort is that most of the sources of content and advertising do not allow us to control the content that is displayed. Note that at present display ads and banners on our pages are not subject to our control (full page ads do not appear on our pages, but are under our editorial control as noted above).

†Although we review full-page ads from AdBrite, we have noted that some ads are displayed that have not been reviewed, or have been rejected. We are working with AdBrite to correct this situation.

Futures and Improvement Programs

On an ongoing basis, InfoWeb.net is researching and experimenting with various sources of advertising ranging from our visitors (direct sales) to other advertising networks, which currently account for 100% of our ad income. We encourage advertising networks we have not yet contacted to contact us.

One ad network we are working with for future projects requires filtering some search requests and content. We will provide a mechanism to ensure their ad customers do not have their advertising displayed on pages that contain such content.

We are currently considering various approaches to provide "adult content" opt-out and/or parental controls. Issues involved with this project include:

  • Maintaining customer privacy and anonymity
  • Problems associated with the definition of "adult content"


This page will be frequently updated. We expect big changes in the areas discussed, and changes will be occurring frequently in the near future. So stay tuned! We will also provide a way for our visitors to participate in the issues discussed on this page: another reason to stay tuned.

Thank You!

We appreciate your use of our site, your use of the advertising presented. The purpose in creating this page is to let you know that we care, and that we are working to improve your online experience of our site.

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